Annuities – A complicated topic

Annuities are complicated and even creating a website can be challenging. There is not a way for us to provide the information needed that can fit everyones needs.

Annuities have often gotten a bad reputation. The main reason is related to poor sales practices, uneducated buyers and sellers and the complexity of contract design. Annuities are a tool that should be used when appropriate to achieve certain financial outcomes.
Annuities are contracts issued by insurance companies that can be used to guarantee an income stream similar to a pension. Annuities can also provide principal guarantees with potential for growth

Our thoughts around annuities

Annuities are not a one-size fits all solution
Annuities, if used, should often be a smaller portion of your portfolio
Annuities are often used to guarantee an income stream as part of your financial plan
Annuities may be income taxable and often may not be optimal for inheritance
Annuities can be Federal Income tax deferred, which can be useful for retirees needing to control their incom