Investing: Strategic and Tailoreding?

We have a saying, today the average investor has at their fingertips the power to invest in a way advisors 20 years ago could only dream of. The issue is often defining what your investments are supposed to do and managing them in a time efficient and consistent manner.

Our philosophy around investing:

Define an accountable goal and we usually suggest you should have one of 3 definable goals

3 Definable goals are:
1. Growth                      
2. Income and              
3. Protection                

Tax efficiency of Investing

1. Tax bracket planning.        
2. Avoiding passive taxation
3. Looking at Tax strategies 

Overall efficiency of the Equity Markets as a Core holding

1. A core holding for one person may not be the same for another.  
2. This usually is trying to capture broad exposure to the market.    
3. This is supposed to have generally predictable long term returns

Consistent follow up and accountability

Consistent follow up and accountability

  Our side by side process:

  • Determining what you are doing well
  • Pointing out strategies that might compliment what you are already doing
  • Working with you to determine what you might want to self retain versus hand off to a professional
  • Giving you access to services you wouldn’t already have access to  

Our Clients tend to fall into 3 categories

1.Those who just need education and want a flat fee arrangement
2.Those who want a specific strategy for diversification but will self retain other investments
3. Those who want a personal relationship with an advisor who invests on their behalf taking 

the stress away from them

This is where we can help by adding value by:

  • Goal Based Investing article
  • Understanding SMAs How can you define
  • income, growth and protection?
  • Understanding industry fees

Please see our fees under about us here